Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hump Day Hook

    I've really enjoyed participating in HDH and reading everyone's contributions. I'm sorry that I haven't gotten around to commenting on them all! I know, bad Humper!

    This week's hook is also from City of Sin. I was so happy with everyone's enthusiastic reactions to last week's snippet, I wanted to share another one!

“Thank you for tonight Blaine, everything is perfect.” Her words were softly spoken as she let him take her hand from across the table. She didn’t know how she could ever repay him for all of his kindnesses. To be honest, she felt a little awkward when she totaled up all of the money she would have to pay him back. Regardless how many times he told her not to worry about it, she didn’t feel right being his kept woman- it hadn’t jived seven years ago and it had become even more difficult now. She couldn’t say why. It probably had something to do with the way everything had turned out. She should have stayed and explained to him why she couldn’t allow him to marry her, but she had been a coward. He deserved so much more than she could give him.
“Good, I’m glad you think so. I didn’t know if you still liked the same foods or not so I figured I’d bring you to a nice place that has damn near anything you can think of.” He rubbed the back of her hand with his thumb as he studied her from across the table. “But let me guess, you would have been happier eating at the all-night diner across town in your cowboy boots?”

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  1. To hell with that - I'd LOVE to be a kept woman! Write all day, nice dinners at night. Plus I used to have these burgundy cowboy boots that I loved - practically lived in them until I wore them out.
    She's a better woman than I!

  2. I'm not sure, but I have a feeling she's about to break the guy's heart. I hate it for him b/c he seems so excited just to be with her.

  3. Such a romantic snippet. He's got some serious feelings for this woman. Now how does she feel about him?

  4. Wow! She has some serious issues to work through. I hope for his sake she can realize that what he has to offer is more than $$. He has seriously fallen for her!

  5. Awwww, sounds like he is trying really hard... Great excerpt x