Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Writer's Words of Wisdom

      This is no big shocker- Sex Sells! Erotic romance is booming and there's no short supply or demand for piping-hot, new erotica. I write erotica for lots of reasons, one of them being that I'm not a big romantic and sugary-sweet romances are just SO far out of my realm. Today, I'm focusing on my own genre and I'm offering you some writing tips for writing HOT romance.

  • Tip 1: Make it your own! Don't just do what other people are doing. Readers will get bored of reading A*B=C. Stay away from formulas. I know there are "classes" out there that teach you a recipe for a 'Bestseller' and all you have to do is plug in different names and settings- stay away! Learn to innovate, never replicate.
  • Tip 2: Create Good Characters: Readers don't just want to read sex for their own benefit- although that's reason enough. They want an unrestricted, all-access pass into your characters' relationship, but you won't hold their attention long if they're not interesting. Don't just make your characters fall in love with each other, make your readers fall in love with them, too. Don't be afraid to delve into their sexuality and help your readers get to know them better, on the most base level imaginable. After all, we're at our most vulnerable when we're naked.
  • Tip 3: Find Your Limits & Push: We all get Vanilla sex, hell it's splashed all over TV and mainstream media so much that we, the global audience, are nonplussed by it. Bring something exciting to the table. I'm sure you're aware of the newest flavor- BDSM. Thanks to the success of Fifty Shades, readers are being bombarded with bossy, over-protective Doms and Rebellious, not-so-submissive subs. Bring some spice into the literary bedroom that is something new and exciting to entice your readers and not remind them of some other book. 
      These are just a quick run-through and hints to keep in mind while writing. There are plenty of places on the internet and scores of books on the shelves that go into in-depth plot and character development if you're interested in exploring them further.
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  1. Great post! I've been writing sex scenes like crazy, without even planning it, and I never thought it'd be so fun. Not quite erotica, but fun sassy, sexy sex is what I crave. :)

  2. Excellent post and I couldn't agree with you more. I see so many "copycat" books out now. Some are so blatantly obvious that I'm embarrassed for the author at some of the slamming they get in their reviews because of it. Deep down in all the "formula" there is the unique story the author is trying to tell. Let it out! It's okay to be inspired by someone else's work, but give it your own twist and your readers will love you for it.