Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hump Day Hook

I'm pretty sure I was supposed to do this last week. But now I'm here and fully-involved! Sorry for the delay, folks.

This is from the first book in my Sex Chronicles, Training Dani series, currently under consideration with Secret Cravings Publishing. Enjoy!

Dani imagined the serpent in the Garden of Eden in her mind’s eye, even as she found the clip in Jessa’s hair and tugged it loose. She dropped the trinket and heard it skitter across the floor. Did she want to give herself over to Jessa so completely? She ruled most of her waking hours anyway, but how would Jessa’s offer change that? She knew Jessa had power to make lots of previously barred doors open up to her, but she wasn’t sure how she could give her Neil. Surely she didn’t own him as well?

Got your attention yet? I sure hope so! This is my favorite project so far and I hope to add it to my SCP published collection soon!

:.She reminds me of the regal, sexy, controlling Jessa Blaze. Also, her decorating style in her California Mansion. I borrowed this picture from my friend and fellow author Marina Kris.:

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Writer's Words of Wisdom- Too Commited?

There's (almost) nothing worse than being late- unless you're knocked up. I love babies! I just couldn't let that golden opportunity slip past. Sorry!

Anyway! If you're an author, you probably work with deadlines. You're given a certain amount of time to return edits, approve mark-ups, that sort of thing. If you're like me, you also try to get some promo stuff in too. It's good to get the publicity, but reveiw your schedule carefully before you overly-commit to blog hops, interviews, chat groups, Beta Readers Groups- You see where I'm going with this?

Now, I know that we all have lives outside our computers and inevitably, emergencies arise that are completely out of our control. If at all possible, try to notify anyone you may have to reschedule or who have to reschedule you in a reasonable amount of time, or otherwise responsible manner. People are more willing to work with you than you probably think.

Most importantly, when you give your word to someone- try your very best to keep it. This is my personal motto. Even if it puts me in a bad spot or otherwise inconveniences me, I do my absolute best to stay true to my word. Your reputation is just as big a part of your professional career as it is your literary one. Strive to be a dependable person!

Case in point, as a last-minute decision, I decided to offer a Grand Prize for my Howloween Blog Hop post. Initially I offered a $10.00 Amazon gift card. The only problem was, I don't want to use my banking account for on-line stuff, so I decided to buy a physical gift card to mail to the winner (along with a business card, of course). When I went to buy a gift card, the only store close to me offered a minimum amount of $25.00. It was more money than I advertised and more money from my budget, but I'd given my word. So, I bought it and changed the post to a higher amount. Now I'll know to be more prepared!

So, in review- our lessons for today are-

1. Be prompt.
2. Schedule responsibly.
3. Be respectful of deadlines. Get a Weekly Planner and refer to it often!
4. Be prepared. Have your bio., blurb, buy links, etc. saved as documents so you can send them to interviewers in short notice if you have to.
5. Investigate local stores BEFORE offering prizes!

Happy Halloween, Ya'll!

A Smart & Savvy Group of Authors who write a weekly feature for their blog -Writer's Words of Wisdom- each Wednesday. The goal is to impart what we've learned about writing, editing, getting published, book promotion, and more along the way.
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Howloween Blog Hop- Win A Free Copy of Bi-Curious

Welcome to the Halloween Blog Hop! This is my first year participating and my second blog hop...ever. So bear with me, Lovelies.

You can win a FREE Copy of my new Secret Cravings Publishing release, Bi-Curious. All you have to do is leave a comment with your name and e-mail address! Please make sure you include your e-mail address or you will not be considered

Also, and I was going to keep this under my hat but I'm partial to my wonderful readers, I'll choose one lucky commenter to win a FREE $25.00 Amazon Gift card! That's right, $25.00. I know it's more than I originally advertised, but I'm feeling generous :P.

So please come back Monday, October 29th when I will unveil my two lucky winners!

Happy Posting!

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Promotional Fridays: Secret Cravings Publishing Author Lacie Nation

Welcome back to Promotional Fridays! This week the spotlight is on SCP Author Lacie Nation.
Lacie is here to promote her latest release, The Weeping Willow Tree.

Lacie draws inspiration from these two photographs when she writes emotional scenes for her books.


Willow Bradley lives her life as simply as she can. Playing the guitar and singing her pain away, she finds peace under her shade tree by the lake in her small town. Her entire life has been a struggle not to let her depression control her life. Overcoming her issues was something she was proud of. Her life was just as she wanted it until the breath taking Danny Mason walked into her safe haven. Can she put her pain aside and love a man who has secrets of his own?
Danny Mason wants nothing more than simplicity. His life is full of greed and the constant need to be perfect. What happens when he hears an angel singing under a lone weeping willow tree on the lakeside? Danny and Willow share a deep, all consuming love. Will it survive the chaos his social status, and high society parents cause?

 Buy Links:

Barnes & Noble
Secret Cravings Publishing 

Get to Know Lacie Nation:


Thank you for stopping by to meet Lacie and read about her new book. Don't forget to come back next Friday to meet Vanessa Johnston.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Writer's Words of Wisdom: Promoting Yourself While Promoting Others

Writing a book and getting it published is just the beginning of the long journey ahead. Once you've been published, you must also promote yourself and your work. As if you have the time, right? Make the time. Become an active member in various social networking sites and make your presence known. Get to know other authors in your publishing house and don't be shy about posting reviews and sharing their work. Participate in blog hops, group discussions, and maybe even join some Romance Writers Guilds (if you can spare the expense). Guilds often offer conventions for members so they can network, sell books, and give away their promotional swag (i.e. gift bags, bookmarks, coffee mugs, etc.).

Some authors are under the (false) impression that they are in competition with the other writers in their publishing house. Wrong. Every reader has different tastes and every writer provides different flavors. Generating traffic to your company benefits the whole, not just you.

Don't overdo the publicity, though. Have a conversation where you don't drop your title and buy links into every other sentence- but you can have that conversation while wearing a t-shirt sporting your logo and cover art ;) .

Keep up-to-date information on your website and make it as personal as possible. Be approachable to your readers and to potential readers. Without people reading your work, you're not an author.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Promotional Friday: Flossie Benton Rogers & Wytchfae Runes

Hello again readers,
      I am so excited to premier Promotional Fridays. Promo Fridays is my weekly spot for my fellow Secret Cravings Publishing authors to promote their books and connect with my audience.
      This week, I'm happy to welcome my very first guest, Flossie Benton Rogers to the blog. This is an extra special week for her because her new release, Wytchefae Runes released Wednesday, October 17, 2012...and also did I mention she's my first blog guest? Pretty special week, indeed ;).
       So let's get to know Flossie a little better:

Thank you, Jessicca, for having me here today! I am pleased to share news about my debut paranormal romance, Wytchfae Runes, published by Secret Cravings Publishing on October 17, 2012.

 Flossie Benton Rogers is a former teacher and library director. She began writing fairy tales at an early age and is incredibly grateful for the opportunity to again pursue her passion. A fifth generation Floridian, Flossie enjoys spending time with family and seeing new places. She is always on the lookout for romantic, adventurous story ideas to share with readers.   

"My 13 year old Basset hound, Daisy Josette, keeps me company as I write."

A faery witch or Wytchfae, Kelly O’Day’s job is to transition ghosts to their afterlife. When she falls for sexy Viking ghost Ingvar Hrothson she breaks the rule against personal involvement.
Cursed over a thousand years ago to roam the earth as a restless spirit, Ingvar is hell bent on two things—save his sister and destroy the evil sorceress responsible for her death. He needs Kelly to help him go back in time. Hating all forms of dark power, he never dreamed he would be bewitched by a flesh and blood woman with magical powers.
Kelly and Ingvar battle sinister forces and multiple attempts on their lives. With their attraction approaching supernova, the couple must decide whether their romance of a lifetime is also worth fighting for.

Connect With Flossie:

       Thank you for coming to chat with us, Flossie! I would also like to congratulate you on capturing the #3 spot on the SCP Bestseller's List! 

      Make sure you come back next Friday, October 26 to meet Lacie Nation! And if you're a fellow SCP author and would like to schedule your interview, please e-mail me at!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Writer's Words of Wisdom: Which Came First? The Synopsis or the Manuscript?

Hello again my lovely loyal readers! I'm sorry I missed you last week, but I was down for the count with Strep. Trust me, you didn't want my advice. I'm so glad to be back with you and thank you for coming back to see me!

I've read a lot of articles about the best way to write. Do you brainstorm? Write out Plot lines on note cards? Go straight to typing? In grade school, we were taught to sit down and brainstorm, create 'spider' character charts for our lead characters and jump through all sorts of hoops before we finally got down to the nitty-gritty writing stuff. I HATED it. By the time I was allowed to write, I didn't care anymore. I was so tired of picking these poor people and plot lines to death, I just wanted to play with my Power Rangers. I was in the second grade, after all.

Along came high school, and with it, teachers who thankfully didn't care about anything other than the rough draft and the final draft. I felt like I had hit the literary jackpot. Although I'd put off actually doing it, because I usually had to write about stuff I wasn't interested in, and I'd hand it a rough draft with glaring mistakes and it was probably torture for my poor teachers. By the time I got around to my final draft, I'd polished it up as best I could and hoped for the best. It was along the same lines for my college papers, although I was slightly more interested in writing those.

I've taken both approaches. In the beginning I just sat down and wrote whatever came to mind and went from there. I'd fix mistakes and plot holes in editing, but editing a larger manuscript like that is a hassle, especially if you don't print it off first.

Now I've actually taken to a writer's notebook. I brainstorm, write out character descriptions and a whole synopsis to work from. Of course that's probably more for my benefit than anything else. It's so hard to write a novel and then break it down into a smaller novel. This way, I already have a synopsis done, and it's nothing to tweak it and get it ready for submission. I think my stories have benefited from the extra thought and planning I've put into my books as well.

Maybe some of my fellow authors could weigh in on this too. What do you guys think? Is it better to write the manuscript or the synopsis first?  

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SCP Author Promotional Friday 2012 Calendar & Open Dates

Hey everyone!
    I've been getting fantastic responses for my SCP Author Friday Promo Open Call Blog events. I think this will be a wonderful oportunity for all of us to get to know one another and for the readers to get to know a little more about us as well. I still have some open dates if anyone is interested. I have a calendar in the sidebar, but I figured I'd put one in a post along with the open dates. Remember, if anyone is interested, I'm scheduling on a first-come-first-serve basis. Spots for the rest of the year are filling quickly!

  • October 19, 2012- Flossie Benton Rogers
  • October 26, 2012- Lacie Nation
  • November 2, 2012- Vanessa Johnston
  • November 9, 2012- Sherry Gloag
  • November 16, 2012- J.L Hammer
  • November 23, 2012- Carol Preflatish
  • November 30, 2012- OPEN
  • December 7, 2012- OPEN
  • December 14, 2012- OPEN
  • December 21, 2012- Jennifer Simpkins
  • December 28, 2012- OPEN
ALL Fridays in 2013 are currently available as well.

To schedule your promotional day, feel free to e-mail me at:

Thank you and I can't wait to hear from you guys!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Promotional Fridays: SCP Author Open Call!

I've been thinking about a new way to promote. And no, I think I'm actually going to leave the shameless self-promotion be for a while. I'd like to support my fellow Secret Cravings Authors. I'm so very proud to be a part of the Secret Cravings Publishing Family and I'd like to do whatever I can to bring in new readers by spotlighting my fellow authors.

If you'd like to be a part of this, I'd love to hear from you at

Here are my guidelines:
        1) Please attach the cover art of the work you would like to promote in your email.
        2) Contact me no later than Tuesday to schedule your Friday.
        3) Feel free to add your links (Facebook, Twitter, Buy Links) at the bottom of your email.
        4) You must link back to my blog on your social networking sites. This will not only help get the word out, but it will be extra promotion for you.
        5) Spaces will be scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis.
        6) Please don't promote more than two works each post. This will keep things from getting too crowded. We can always schedule another day!

If I have enough people interested who also write for other publishing houses, I am considering another promotional day for romance and erotica writers to promote their work. Please leave a comment below so I can gauge the interest level.

Thank you and I can't wait to get this up and running!

New Features!

There's no need to adjust your browser! Yes, my blog has taken on a new look. In honor of Fall and the coming colder months, I thought I'd spruce up my blog a bit. I've also added some new features on the side bar such as "My Newest Release" where I'll be posting upcoming cover art and information for you guys. Also, I've added a "What Am I Reading?" section where I'll promote some of the books on my Kindle. If you see your cover there and you don't want it to be, just send me an email or leave a comment and I'll take it off. Although, who doesn't love free publicity?

Also, I added a link to my Facebook Author page. I keep trying to make it awesome, but I need more followers before I can unlock more features. So, if you're interested in following me and my exploits, head on over and 'like' me! That didn't sound too needy, right?

:. :-) .:
Thank you guys for your support and for following me down many winding roads! My readers are THE BEST!

Also, you can always check up on me on my Official Website

Dreaming of Zombie Days

If dreams are a mirror of the subconscious...I'm freaking screwed. Have you ever had a dream that scared you to death, but you just couldn't make it stop? I had one of those dreams last night about Zombies.

My dream was brutal, bloody, and frankly scary as hell. I haven't even watched anything scarier than Scooby-Doo in the past week! Sure, I watched The Vampire's Assistant, but Scooby was way scarier than that. And I haven't even watched a scary movie in months.

The more I thought about it, the more I thought 'Well, at least it's a probable explanation for Zombies.' And then those thoughts became 'That would make an awesome book!'

:.It Doesn't Work, Don't Even Try.:
So I dunno. It was terrifying, but I think I'm going to jot it down for when I need a break from erotica.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Where in the World SCP Winner!

My winner for the free copy of Bi-Curious is....

Mel Bourn!

Congratulations, Mel! Check your inbox for an e-mail from me. Sometimes emails get sent to Junk, so you might want to watch there, too.

Thank you everyone for participating and a special Thank You to Dawne Prochilo and Secret Cravings Publishing for putting this wonderful event together!

If you didn't win, but you still want a copy, feel free to visit my Buy Links on the side-bar of my blog!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Where In The World? SCP Blog Event

If you're a fan of my blog, you'll already know the answer to this. However, in the spirit of a GIVEAWAY SCP Blog Hop, I'm going to leave four hints about my home state. Leave your answer in the comments and I'll choose one (correct) answer to win a FREE copy of my new Secret Cravings Publishing Release, Bi-Curious.
Winner will be announced here Monday, October 8th! Make sure you check back to see if you're a winner!

Enjoy and I can't wait to hear from you!

  • My state's largest city was once known as the Graveyard to the West.
  • In 1873, John Colgan invented chewing gum in my state. It was originally called Taffy Tolu.
  • Our state motto is "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" and is sported on our state flag.
  • My state is home to one of America's most popular muscle cars- the Corvette.

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Secret Cravings Publishing

 Book Blurb:
Isobel Compton is a sheltered college student who has moved away from her rural Kentucky upbringing. She recalls her first meaningful, sexual encounter- which just happens to be with another woman, Ashely Perle. 
Ashley Perle is an exotically beautiful student who has plenty of experience with men and women. She adores Isobel’s innocence and shy demeanor. She takes great pleasure in teaching her new friend about pleasure, orgasms, and tongue rings.
Isobel and Ashley meet in the college library while completing their senior seminar papers.  Isobel is instantly drawn to Ashley’s confidence and openness about her sexuality.  They share an intimate evening amongst the dusty library books where Ashley teaches Isobel the true meaning of seduction and sexual prowess.  Isobel is forever changed by her tryst with Ashley.  She admits that no man has ever excited or aroused her in the way Ashley did.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Showing Your Ass

I think I've mentioned before how I despise adults who act like children. Now, I know we all have our little moments when we throw a fit and pound a bottle of Jack...or maybe not? Anyways, we all revert to our childhood Terrible-Three-Tantrums from time to time. I'm even guilty of it. But I try to keep my composure in public.

I stopped to get some gas at the local BP station on my way home this evening. I try to play nice with the staff so they'll know me and I won't have to pre-pay for my gas. I really miss the days of full-service pump stations- it doesn't seem like I really got to experience them to their full potential.

Anyways, as I was getting out of my vehicle, I noticed there was a new (or new to me) girl behind the register. No big deal. I mean, I don't like going in first but whatever. It beats standing out by the pumps like an idiot until the intercom booms to life above you (terrifying you) telling you to read the sign or Pre-pay pumps only!

On my way in, a girl who is probably around my age- maybe younger- storms out of the store bitching to high Heaven about having to pre-pay. I know it was an inconvenience for her...much like the effort to put on actual pants without holes and rips everywhere, apparently. And I still don't understand the rain boots. It wasn't even raining today for Goodness Sakes!

So, the girl stomps around and starts yelling across the parking lot at the attendant about how ridiculous it is because she had to pay first. Well, so did everyone else standing in line. We kind of rolled our eyes, but we didn't get snarky.

She stands out in the parking lot and has to relay her woes to everyone who was unfortunate enough to be acquainted with her at that moment. She even calls some people up on her cell phone while she's pumping her gas. I've undoubtedly had a bad day. You probably have cold legs because you're wearing almost no pants in October. And it didn't rain so you've had to answer awkward foot-wear questions all day...but couldn't you have just opted to drive a mile down the road and get some gas someplace else? I mean, if the attendant pissed you off so mightily, what's the point of sticking around and making the rest of us hear about it?

Something about that just really irritated me. Maybe it's because I've had some sticky personal issues going on that I can't control so I want to lash out and grip onto controllable situations- like thrashing a fellow gasoline consumer? Maybe I was secretly jealous of her angry outburst? Or maybe those rain boots really, really ticked me off? Either way, it bothered me. So, I figured I'd just pen this little blog post and get it out of my system. It's not good to keep things bottled up, ya know.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Writer's Words of Wisdom: Getting Ideas?

I think this is an important topic for writers at any stage of their careers. I often have to answer the question Where do you get your ideas from? And when the person finds out that I also write erotica, their questions become a little more pressing and downright personal.

Yes, I write adult literature. No, I haven't experienced everything I write about. It's like people have a misconception about Erotica- or even romance- writers that we're somehow perverted for writing about what everyone does in real life (Although some of our characters may get a better quality or quantity than we get in our personal lives Haha). I don't know if everyone catches this guff. I mean, do horror writers get accused of being possessed or somehow demonic?

I'm with George Carlin on this one. He once quoted a fellow forward-thinking man who said that it's okay to show two people killing each other in the movies, but it's highly restricted, XXX films that get to show two people making love.

I'm not perverted, I'm not promiscuous, I just have an imagination. I also have a drive for writing and entertaining people. My stories just don't skirt around sex and its intricate part in relationships.Who knows? My stories could save a relationship or marriage? Maybe spawn some childrenses (feel free to name them after me, by the way).

You should be proud of any genre you write and/or enjoy. You shouldn't feel ashamed to tell people your preferences and to support its authors with reviews or word-of-mouth publicity.

I'd love some thoughts from my fellow romance authors on this one!

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