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Promo Fridays: SCP Author Carol Preflatish

This week has been a hectic one for all of us, I'm sure. By now you're probably stuffed with left-overs and well on your way to a turkey-fueled coma. You're in good company. No matter how bloated I feel or how many buttons I undo, the show must go on!

I'd like to welcome Carol Preflatish to the blog today. She's here to promote her newest SCP release, Saved By the Sheriff. But first, let's get to know her a little better!

Carol Preflatish knew at an early age that she loved to write. In high school and college, her favorite classes were composition and creative writing. It wasn't until after she married and then became a parent that she decided to pursue it seriously. She published her first romantic suspense in 2009 and her current book, Saved by the Sheriff is now out in both paperback and as a Kindle download. Always loving a good mystery, she's constantly thinking up ideas for future books.

Carol lives in southern Indiana, sharing her log cabin in the woods with her husband and their cat and dog. When not writing, she loves to read, watch football, and go camping with her husband.


 New York City writer, Jaime Wilson wants the Assistant Editor job at Real Mystery Magazine. In order to get it, she has to write a kick-ass story, and what could be better than a 30-year old unsolved murder in a small town. When Jaime visits Royal, Indiana to investigate, she soon finds that someone in the town doesn't want the mystery solved and she becomes a target. After an arrest for trespassing and an attempt on her life, Sheriff Ben Hunter lets her stay at his place where he can keep an eye on her while she continues to work on her story. She didn't count on falling in love with the sheriff and he didn't think he would have to work so hard to keep her safe. Finally, when she finishes her story, she has to make her choice whether to stay with Ben or go back to New York.

"From here on, you need to be quiet. We are close to the Cook's home and we don't want them to know we're here," Bobby whispered.
They walked down the trail for a few more yards and then she saw an old, run down house. "Is that it?" she whispered.
"Yeah. We can walk around the front if you want a picture."
"I definitely want a picture."
Reaching the front of the house seemed like a walk through time. A swing on one side of the porch swayed in the breeze while a wooden rocking chair sat still on the other side. The chopping block had an axe buried in the top of it with split wood on the ground around it.
"Has someone been living here?" she asked Bobby.
"I've hiked out here since I was a kid and it's always been this way. Nothing ever changes."
She snapped a few pictures with her camera flash going off with each shot she took. 

"I want to look inside through the windows."
"Okay, but be quick. I don't like being out here in the open so long. With the leaves off of the trees, the Cook's might see that flash of yours going off."
Jaime carefully walked up to the old house that stood near a newer home with a barn between the two. She took a few pictures through the windows. The inside of the house looked like no one had been there in years. Perhaps left just the way it was when the Murdock's had last been there. She stood at the front door and couldn't resist trying the knob. The door opened.
"I don't think that's a good idea," he warned.
"I'll just take one picture of the inside and then we'll go." She took one step into the house.
"I don't think that's a good idea," he related again.
"You should listen to the boy," a deep voice echoed from behind them.
She knew that voice.
"Come on out."
Jaime turned to see Ben standing at the corner of the old house, handcuffing Bobby behind his back. "What are you doing?" she asked, walking over to them.
"Arresting him for trespassing. You're next."

"Didn't you see the No Trespassing sign?" Ben asked.
"Yes, but..."
"Then you should have turned back. Now, turn around."
Jaime put her camera on the porch and turned around for Ben to handcuff her. "This isn't exactly what I in mind when I thought of you handcuffing me," she mumbled to him.
He didn't answer, but instead picked up her camera and led them through the trees to his police car that was parked in front of the other house. She assumed it belonged to the Cook family. A woman in a housedress stood on the front porch.
"They won't be back out here again, Mrs. Cook," Ben called to the lady.
"Thanks, Sheriff."
He opened the back door of his car and Bobby got in. Before Jaime got in, she looked up at Ben. "I'm sorry."
He didn't answer, but put his hand on top of her head so she wouldn't bump it as he guided her into the car.
"Where's your truck, Bobby?" Ben asked.
"Over on Jackson Road."
"I'm sorry about this, Bobby," Jaime said.
"Don't worry about it. It's not like I haven't seen the inside of that jail before."
Ben picked the microphone to his radio. "Dispatch, Six-Oh-One."
"Go ahead Six-Oh-One."
"Call Wrecker One and have him tow in a red Chevy pickup that's parked on Jackson Road."
"Roger," the dispatcher answered.
No one spoke during the rest of the ride to the Sheriff's Department.
Once inside the sally port, Jaime and Bobby were separated. The female deputy took 
Jaime to the female side of the jail for booking. Her handcuffs were removed and she emptied her pockets of the small wallet, cell phone, and car keys and then the deputy search her.
After being fingerprinted, the deputy gave her some clothes. "You need to put these on and hand your shirt and jeans out to me. I'll put them in a bag for you to change back in to when you bond out."
Jaime had to undress in front of the deputy, putting her clothes into a large clear plastic bag she held open. "When do I get to call someone?" she asked.
"As soon as you get dressed, I'm to take you to the Sheriff. You can call someone at that time."
Jaime put on the bright orange jumpsuit with the word “prisoner” printed on the back, and followed the deputy to the sheriff's office. She knocked on the door. "Come in."
The deputy opened the door. "I have Miss Wilson here, sir."
"Have her come in. I'll see that she gets to a cell when I'm finished speaking with her. Thank you."
The deputy opened the door wider for Jaime to enter the office. Ben got up. "Sit down," he motioned to a chair in front of his desk and walked around and closed the door. "What were you doing out there?" He sat back down behind his desk.
"I needed pictures for my story."
"Why didn't you ask permission first?"
"I was told the family that owned the property didn't want anyone out there?"
"Who told you that? Bobby James? And, how the hell did you get mixed up with him anyway? For all you know, he could have been the person that vandalized your tire or wrecked the cabin!"
"None of that is any of your business. When do I get to call someone to bail me out?"
"Right now." He picked up his phone and slammed it down on the desk in front of her.
She jumped when the phone hit the desk. "Could I have some privacy please?" she asked.
"No. You're a prisoner and I can't leave you alone in here. Push nine and then dial your number."

 * Saved By the Sheriff was an interesting read about a big city writer who comes to a small town to write a story in the hopes of getting the editorial job at the magazine she works for. From the moment she reaches the town of Royal things keep happening to her. The mystery is an old one that the people of Royal, Indiana do not seem want to solve. While all these incidents are happening to her the town's sheriff is right there helping her. Ben Hunter, the young sheriff, who returned home after a tragedy happened in Chicago is not looking to find love but he does with Jaime.

The suspense part of this novel was very well written. I tried to guess the ending many times and was surprised at the outcome of the 30 year old mystery. The characters that Preflatish created were exactly what you would see in a small town. You had the nosey gossips, the older men that do not like outsiders and the handful of kind citizens that want to get you to stay. All the characters were very well developed and popped off the page. I could envision each and every one of them.

The romance of the novel was very sweet and endearing. Both Jaime and Ben were shy about dating especially in regards to having a long distance relationship. The story was great in that you got a good mix of suspense/mystery and romance. I would definitely read more of this author in the future. I really liked the character of Jaime. She was stubborn, independent and a lot like myself. I enjoy reading books where I can see myself in the main character.
- Romancing the Book Reviewer,Aubrey

*I am not the type who usually reads tons of romance novels, but the tittle on this one got my attention. I am pleased to say I truly enjoyed it. Drama, mystery and romance all in one book, who could ask for more.
The main character goes to a small town to learn and write about "something" that happened years ago. She gets more than she bargained for! I have to say the characters all enjoyable and well written. BTW Sheriff Ben Hunter can rescue me anytime!
I was glad to find this was not a mushy love story. This novel had an interesting plot, with the right balance of love and intrigue. The couple's interactions are just perfect. I kept wanting to read more and more. If all romance novels were like this, I would read a lot more!- Amazon customer Sandra Martinez

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  1. Thanks for the excerpt, Carol. Great reviews-- congratulations on those! I like Jaime too.

  2. Jaime sure upset the sheriff. I have a feeling she'll be doing that a few more times. Love the tension.

  3. Thanks, ladies. Jaime has been one of my favorite characters to write.