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Promo Friday (Monday edition) SCP Author Jan Graham

No need to check your calendars- my post is late. I know, I've been sick a lot lately and Lord knows I'm tired of talking about it, so you must also be tired of hearing it- but I had a stomach bug Friday and then family plans this weekend. Thankfully, Jan is a wonderful, understanding chica!

Jan was one of the very first friends I made at Secret Cravings. I asked her lots of questions and she helped me learn so much! I'll never be able to repay her for her kindnesses or her patience. She's even won Connor's heart by sending him pictures of Australia and Kangaroos. We're saving our pennies for our trip one of these days, lol.

Let's get to know a little more about Ms. Graham and her book Healing A Cougar's Heart from her Sydney Cougar Series!

I have enjoyed writing throughout different periods of my life, but it is only now that I have the ability to work on it in a full time capacity. I love the imagery the written word creates in one’s mind and therefore I am an avid reader as well as an author.

At the end of 2010, after many years of working in the “real” world, I finally decided to make writing my career. I currently have books under contract with Siren Publishing and Secret Cravings Publishing. Even though all of my writing falls under the erotic romance banner, I write a variety of genres including BDSM, contemporary romance, romantic suspense and paranormal romance. So there’s something for everyone really.

I am pleased that I’m finally able to give the characters that swirl around my head on a constant basis the opportunity to put themselves down on paper, and hopefully entertain others as much as they amuse me. More information about what I’m up to, competitions and general nonsense can be uncovered if you visit my website or my blog at



Isabelle O’Connor never considered herself the type of woman who needed a knight in shining armor to come and rescue her, until one does. Well he’s more a knight in blue jeans and white shirt. After all, it is modern times. Unfortunately, her perfect hero has a flaw... he’s a cop.  Isabelle decided years ago never to become involved with a police officer again, and she isn’t going to change her mind now.

Mark Dean loves being a cop. He also loves the hot redhead he rescued from a creep’s unwanted attention at a local nightclub. Mark knows that before he can gain Isabelle’s affection he has to convince her of something. Being a cop has nothing to do with her reluctance to date him. Isabelle’s heart never healed after the death of her husband and Mark makes it his mission to help heal this feisty Cougar’s heart.


Mark pulled the frightened woman closer to his side. She was shaking like a leaf, and the only words she’d managed to utter since he placed his arms around her were, “Oh God,” which coincided with each time she heard her attacker’s cursing.
“I won’t let him hurt you, beautiful, and neither will that big dude just over there.” Mark pointed to the huge bouncer then glanced down at her. She had the greenest eyes he’d ever seen. “What’s your name, sweetheart?”
Still trembling from the attack, she stumbled on her own name. “Um…it’s Isabelle…Isabelle O’Connor.”
Mark responded with his name and gave her a warm smile to reassure her she was safe. What he really wanted to do was turn around and punch the creep’s lights out.
When the jerk realized he was being evicted from the club, all hell broke loose. He did not intend to go quietly. Mark pushed Isabelle behind him as he called for police backup. As other bouncers moved in, the creep pulled a knife. Mick suddenly went down like a lead balloon, his blood spilling out onto the floor. The club’s manager secured the weapon, but not before his abdomen and arm were sliced. In the midst of the chaos, Isabelle’s body descended to the floor. Assuming she was fainting, Mark rushed to scoop her up and move her away from the scene, only to realize she’d dropped to her knees and was crawling toward Mick. Mark positioned himself between the ongoing fight and Isabelle as she attended to the bouncer’s injuries.
Once the others had the attacker under control, Mark knelt down to see what she needed him to do. “You seem to know what you’re doing.” He helped her roll Mick onto his side, handed over his T-shirt when she requested it, and supported the bouncer’s head with his leg. Bar staff rushed over carrying bundles of towels, unfortunately too late to save his now blood-covered shirt.
“I’m an ER nurse.” That explained her sudden change in demeanor. She’d kicked into work mode. Her expression was calm, her actions confident; she knew exactly what to do, and she did it with efficiency. She was amazing.
Up close, Isabelle was even prettier than he’d first thought. He couldn’t take his eyes off her. Her hair was blood red, and her skin had a smattering of tiny freckles across her chest and arms. He wanted to trace each one and see how far down her body the lucky little speckles went. Her breasts weren’t large, but they’d fit in his mouth perfectly, with only a little overflow to press against the outer edge of his mouth and spill toward his cheeks. Her lips were the prettiest pink− full, luscious− the gloss she wore making them all the more tempting. He had to fight the urge to bend down, kiss her, and nip at her full bottom lip.
She was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.
He cursed silently. He was rock hard under his jeans—not that it bothered him too much. It might bother Mick though. The bouncer’s head rested on his lap. If Mick turned sideways, he could very well end up with a black eye.

**** (4 Star) Review from RT Book Reviews
Hero Mark is the perfect combination of sexy and romantic. He is exactly the kind of man that Isabelle, a heroine who is afraid to love again, needs. There is some tension in the fact that Isabelle is older then Mark, but the author approaches this delicate topic with realism and heart. With a poignant plot that doesn’t lack heat, this novella is a page-turner.
Isabelle O’Connor starts to fall for Mark Dean when he steps in to protect her at a nightclub. And while she is OK with being older than him, Isabelle has a hard time dealing with Mark’s job as a cop. Isabelle’s husband was killed in the line of duty, so she is hesitant to commit once again to someone with such a dangerous career. Mark knows that, to win the woman of his dreams, he will have to heal his cougar’s heart.- RT Reviewer Eve Polak
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