Monday, July 2, 2012

Magic Mike Receives My HOT Rating!

             My friend Liz and I went to watch Magic Mike tonight.  I knew I was going to see half-naked men dance around, but I was unprepared for the carnal pleasure of watching really hot men dance!  Oh my goodness!  It must have been 110 degrees in that theatre!

           I've decided that men get an unfair wrap.  Yes, they're bad for oogling women and commenting on how hot they are, their perky body parts, and even issuing the occasional cat call.  But, the women in the theatre with me were A LOT worse.  I think that if a halfway decent-looking man would have stumbled into the cinema with his shirt off, we would have mauled him.  The poor cinema custodians will be scrubbing the estrogen off the walls for months!

          Women act like men are animals when they comment on other women, and I guess it is an animal instinct to strut around and splay your feathers for you prospective mate.  At least they're honest, I guess.  Women tend to be more reserved when it comes to commenting on men's assets.  Speaking of assets...Matthew Mcconaughey- WOW!

:. 0_0 .:
         The men and the muscles and the prancing- oh, boy!  We had heard that the movie's story line wasn't very good and the acting was terrible.  Consensus says --"There was a story line?"  What do you expect when you go and see a movie about male strippers?  You're going for the hot man candy!  I would have been happy to watch them dance around for an hour and a half!

         Inevitably, there were a few guys watching the movie as well.  They didn't look happy to be there, and most of them made it obvious that their wife/girlfriend/ significant other forced them to go.  Poor things.  I spotted some slinking into their seats well after the lights had dimmed.  Probably to avoid any awkward "Are you gay?" comments at work tomorrow.

        I'm definitely putting Magic Mike on my DVD Wish List!  Yum!

:. :D .:

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