Monday, July 16, 2012

Sexist Advertising

   While watching television tonight, I couldn't help but notice a lot of dieting advertisements-probably due to this being the summer/bathing suit season.  Most notably was Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem. I'm sure that these are helpful organizations that have helped countless men and women reach and maintain their healthy weight or whatever- but their advertising is a little passive aggressive.

     They use subtle hints to brainwash you into buying into their Snake Oil programs like I'm finally happy. or I was so lonely when I was fat.  Now I have a man!  That's not really a ver-batum  quote or anything- but you catch my drift.  I didn't like the insinuation that you have to be skinny to be happy.  I'm curvy and I'm happy.  I know skinny, sad people who would love to take a bite out of my cheeseburger (And no, that isn't an innuendo, but it is funny).  Even pretty people are sad and depressed.

      Commercials and advertisements are targeted to certain types of groups.  You can tell by the actors in their infomercial, who the makers or products expect to buy their stuff.  Sometimes it's a practical approach, you wouldn't see men in a Kotex commercial raving about how wonderful their tampons are. 

       In the spirit of this post, I have a fantastical idea for a Divorce Attorney commercial.
                               "Thanks to Jessicca Collins, attorney at law, I lost 200 pounds in one month and I've never been happier!" Says a grinning woman holding a picture of her irritating, useless husband.
                             Visa versa with a relieved husband holding a picture of his nagging wife.
                It's brilliant!  I really wish I was a divorce attorney now.

:.Now Pay Me $2500.  You're welcome!.:

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