Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Always Unprepared!

   You'd think that a gargantuan Shetland Pony would send up lots of red flags.  I mean, she eats a lot and she's tiny, but I never really put much stock into the idea that she was preggo.  We bought Sweetheart at the first of September for Connor Lathan's fourth birthday.  I know, feeding an animal is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving, right?

    When we bought Sweetheart, the woman who sold her claimed that she had been in the pasture for several months and she didn't want to keep her anymore because her grandchildren were all grown up and no longer wanted to take care of her.  We got her for a fair price, so we brought her home to an ecstatic Connor Gremlin.  What kid doesn't want a pony?

     Fast forward to yesterday.  I brought Tempe over to visit her Aunt Liz and Uncle Ken, and while we were visiting, my mother-in-law calls, scared OUT OF HER MIND.  You'd think she'd just been shot from the way she was panicking and screaming into my ear.   My thoughts went to all sorts of dreadful places, but nowhere near "Connor's pony just gave birth".  Okay, not so bad.  I mean, we were completely unprepared, but it wasn't as terrible as a death in the family or being audited by the IRS. 

    She's mentioned to the Hubby that she thought our pony was pregnant, but being a man and a self-proclaimed Cowboy, he thought he knew everything about horses so he categorically denied it.  I don't know a whole lot about equestrian gestation, so I wasn't so sure myself.  She was pretty pissed off that we hadn't believed her, and I couldn't blame her.

     Two of Tempe and Connor's uncles (Ken and Randis) had to go to them and help them out since a colt was a little too terrifying for my mother-in-law.  The whole situation is a little hilarious.  Uncle Ken has decided to name the colt Connor's Rainbow.  We were so grateful for their help, we've decided to keep her name.  Unless Connor wants to rename her, then I guess she'll have two names.

    Since Connor Lathan is off visiting my mother for the week, he doesn't really understand what we mean when we say that Sweetheart has a baby.  He insists that his Daddy said she couldn't have babies since she wasn't with a boy pony.  He'll be pretty shocked when he gets back and sees the colt for himself.  I now have a better understanding of that awful, paranoia-inducing, television show I Didn't Know I was Pregnant.  At least now we won't have to worry about Connor having to share his Pony with Sissy.  Ideally, he'll have Sweetheart, and she'll have Rainbow.  Well, maybe not so ideally since he's so greedy with his stuffs.
:. Connor Lathan, Sweetheart & Precious.:

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