Saturday, May 19, 2012


    Since I haven't been at 100% in the last couple of weeks, I've found myself thinking about my life- more specifically about my children.  They pretty much consume my every waking thought anyway, but I can't seem to get over the miracle of them.

      My first Sociology professor explained how it's a miracle that babies are even conceived and the human race has continued. Making babies is a precise process.   The man has to have fertile, viable,  fast-swimming sperm; a woman's body temperature, ovulation cycle, weight, etc. must be absolutely perfect and that's just the beginning.  The egg has to implant, develop, and grow into a baby with ten wondrous fingers and toes.  A healthy baby is truly a medical miracle when you think about it. It's obvious that some people don't share this same sentiment by the way they abandon, abuse or mistreat their little charges.

     I've heard that babies begin as souls and those souls choose who they are to be born to.  I feel endlessly blessed and awe-struck to think that these two beautiful creatures chose me before they even knew me.  I mean, I loved them before I met them, but I'm already here.  I'm already capable of loving.  What made me so special?  There are plenty of women who are probably better mothers than I am who cannot have one baby- and I was given two.

     I was quite sick when I was pregnant with Connor, and for a few weeks afterwards.  I've mentioned that he was supposed to have been born with a facial birth defect, but he was born perfectly perfect.  I had premature Labor with Sissy and had to take a lot of medication to keep her all cozy in my belly, and she was still born early.  Her lungs weren't quite healthy, she was sick for a little while, but she was also perfect.  They both overcame something to be here...with me and it's a staggering, extremely humbling thought.  How quickly your life can change, and how even the smallest circumstance can create or destroy.  Life or death.

     Connor's baby horsey, Sweety Pie, as he has finally decided to name her, reminds me of my children.  Really, she's a miracle, too.  We hadn't planned on her, we weren't prepared for her, but she's here anyway.  Life is amazing.  It's so easy to become bogged down in negativity and all of the snares of the world, but it's not really worth being all torn-up about.  As long as we're healthy and happy and alive, you really can't ask for one more blessing.

:.Connor Lathan.:

:.Sweety Pie.:



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