Friday, May 11, 2012

Kidz R Crazzy!

    Children should come with an off switch.  I mean, they go and go and go like the Energizer Bunny hyped up on 5-Hour Energies and Amphetamines.  And Heaven help you if you show them something new, because you're going to have to keep doing it for them for the next three hours.  For example, today I wanted Connor Lathan to pop my back.  He weighs about 57lbs. now, so I figured that should be a fairly comfortable weight to get the job done.  Yeah right, I should have asked The Hulk if he was free.  He stepped on my knee then my head, pulled my hair and then just dropped his whole body onto the center of my back.  I thought he'd snapped my spine in twain.  Chiropractor -he is not.  To his credit, he did apologize to me between bouts of hysterical laughter.  I think I heard Sissy laughing a little, too.

    Before then, Connor and I started chasing eachother around my Mom's house and I made the mistake of throwing one of his socks at him.  He interpreted that as the green light to throw books, boxes, and DVDs at me.  After that I just had to lock the bathroom door and pray for him to find something else to do other than rampage through Mom's bedroom.  On the up-side, I didn't have to clean up his mess!  Thanks Mom!

    We eventually made our way to Wal-Mart so I could fill up the car before I leave in the morning.  Connor wanted the new Underworld movie because he likes the gigantic, slobbering wolf on the cover- also, I think he's crushing on Saleen.  He also wanted a Harry Potter book.  I objected to the book because I'm not a fan of Hairy Pooter, and because Connor can't read.  He was intent on having it for when he can read.  His iliteracy is a bit of a problem since I'm such an avid reader, and I do try and teach him words, letters, numbers, and such but he just doesn't want to learn from me.  I know he knows things, he knows he knows them, but he'd rather goof off and attempt writing letters before I've finished teaching him.  It's stressful, but I know he'll do better in school because those people are trianed to teach the unteachable.  Connor also seems to want to please strangers more than he wants to please me.  It's unfair, but as long as he learns something then I'll be happy.    
:. Baby Connor & Mommy.:

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