Saturday, June 16, 2012

Half A Birthday for Temperance!

       Wednesday, Sissy turned six months old.  I think that the first half a year is just as important as a yearly celebration.  Babies go through so much in their first six months of life, and I started celebrating with Connor Lathan when he turned six months old.  I had him a little cake that he could wallow in and then a slightly larger cake for everyone else to eat.

       We had Sissy's party today because everyone was too busy during the week.  Sissy's Aunt Liz made her strawberry cake last night and we frosted and decorated it this morning.  Tempe enjoyed her pink Princess cake, and it was nice just to celebrate life.  I'm so blessed to have her here, healthy, and happy. 
:.Strawberry Cake Is So Yummy In My Tummy!.:
:.Happy Birthday Hat.:

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