Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pucker Up, Baby!

    I've been sitting here thinking about kissing.  I mean, I was looking at a picture of the very yummy Sam Eliott and how much I'd love to devour his face and then I thought "Kissing is the weirdest thing".  I mean, gross things are probably on my lips anyway, and then someone likes me so much that they want to share them?  And why does kissing get us so hot and worked up anyway? 
:. You're Welcome.:

    I read somewhere that there are around Seven BILLION germs in the average human mouth.  Eww.  And what if I luck out and get the above average Germer.  Yuck!  Good news is, not all germs are bad.  I mean, we have lots of germs all over and in our bodies to begin with, right?  
                         “A good proportion of the body is full of germs, and we have a symbiotic relationship with most of them,” says Amesh Adalja, MD, an instructor in the division of infectious diseases and an associate in the Center for Biosecurity at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. “Bacteria help metabolize certain substances in the mouth, for example. In other organ systems, bacteria are responsible for breaking down food and synthesizing vitamins, among many other functions.” 

        So, swapping germs can be beneficial because you're being exposed to germs you might not have and you might need them.  I guess they would also help boost your immune system, too.   And on the emotional front, kissing helps you bond with your partner- I'm sure it has something to do with neurotransmitters and all that medical textbook terminology.  I'm too busy reading Fifty Shades of Grey to waste time actually learning stuff!

       The horrific side of kissing is (obviously) the risk of spreading the not-so-nice germs like Mono, Herpes, and Hep. B.  To be fair, lots of viruses can be spread by rubbing your naughty parts against each other, as well as snot, spittle from sneezing, and other oozy stuff from your other orifices.  Did you know that there were such things as Mouth Warts?  I was unaware.  I wonder what those even look like anyway?

    The best argument I can think of, is kissing is an evolutionary impulse (It's also lots of fun).  You need other people's germs, either for their crime fighting parasites, or for the ability to contract germs and boost your immunity to them.  Also, who could look at Sam Elliot's lips and not want to kiss them?  If only he could smooch me and say "Ram" like he does on the Dodge commercial...all at the same time.  I'd probably keel over from too much blood rushing from my brain  to my...never mind. 

:. Just in case you were curious.  FYI: Do yourself a favor and don't Google "Mouth Warts".  It's scary!.:

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