Saturday, June 23, 2012

In the Auto Zone

       I hate driving, especially days like today when there's more traffic than normal and everyone's in a rush to get wherever.  By the way, I HATE people who don't use turn signals.  If I'm trying to get onto the highway and I'm waiting for you to go on by so I don't risk pulling out in front of you, the least you can do is give a freaking signal to let me know that you're turning into the driveway next to me.  I mean, it's highway courtesy people!  Also, four wheelers are off-road vehicles, not in-my-way-because-you're-driving-five-flipping-miles-an-hour vehicles!  I really just want to run them in the ditch.  Yes, I have Road Rage issues.
        When I was a little girl, my Mamaw used to infuriate me when we went somewhere and she'd drive ten miles an hour and pull off in every wide place to let other drivers go by her.  It drove me crazy because I was her passenger, but now that I'm a driver, I think more people could be this courteous on the roadway.  I mean, if you want to drive slow, that's you're prerogative, but let people get on with their lives!
        Also, I'd love to find the man who decided to put Halogen bulbs in headlights...and kick him in the crotch.  I know it has to be a man-innovation because a woman would be smarter than that, surely!  Don't even get me started on people who pass you in blind curves after brushing the dust off your bumper for thirty miles.  I drive the speed limit, dammit!
        Anyways, it's a pretty common occurrence to meditate while driving.  You probably aren't aware that you're doing it, but it's like when you go down the road and aren't sure how you got to where you are, or you don't remember large pieces of driving-time.  Meditative driving, and when I'm trying to sleep at night, are usually prime time for my writing ideas.  It's really not fair.  Prime Time should be Laptop Time! 
         I don't understand it, I am capable of writing good things, but I can only write so long before my brain's sputtering around on fumes and I start writing a bunch of nonsense.  I should probably start recording my ideas on my cell phone and leaving a notepad by the bed.  With my luck, I'd psyche myself out with my preparedness and I'd never have a good idea...ever again. 
:. I Need to Drive Dumbo Around!  "Get Outta My Way!".:

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