Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I miss you!

     Am I the only person who remembers Choose Your Own Adventure books?  I must be, otherwise I'd see all freaking sorts of them on bookshelves all over the planet!  My first CYOA book was a R.L Stein Goosebumps book.  Now, I'm not a fan of reading the same book more than once (unless I honestly can't remember what the hell happened) but with a Choose Your Own book, problem solved.  I can read the same book a million times and come up with a different tale each time. 

    If I was a little better at plotting and game-making, I would enjoy writing one of these.  In fact, I think some modern books could benefit from it like Twilight, you could bypass the lovey-dovey crapola and get right to some adventure.  Okay, Twilight might not be a good example after all, unless someone just completely rewrote it, nothing could make that series all that entertaining.  Sorry.

    What about the Shades of Grey books?  They're really good, if that's your thing.  But, I think it could benefit itself with a CYOA approach.  Say, you're not feeling like reading sex stuff all day, you could skip to page 200 and get right back into something more substantial and not humping-like-rabbits.  

    So, someone much more qualified than I, write a Choose Your Own Adventure novel about Zombies and send it my way, please.  I'll dance at your wedding!  Or your Civil Commitment ceremony, whatever.  I'm not here to judge.

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