Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Writer's Words of Wisdom- Too Commited?

There's (almost) nothing worse than being late- unless you're knocked up. I love babies! I just couldn't let that golden opportunity slip past. Sorry!

Anyway! If you're an author, you probably work with deadlines. You're given a certain amount of time to return edits, approve mark-ups, that sort of thing. If you're like me, you also try to get some promo stuff in too. It's good to get the publicity, but reveiw your schedule carefully before you overly-commit to blog hops, interviews, chat groups, Beta Readers Groups- You see where I'm going with this?

Now, I know that we all have lives outside our computers and inevitably, emergencies arise that are completely out of our control. If at all possible, try to notify anyone you may have to reschedule or who have to reschedule you in a reasonable amount of time, or otherwise responsible manner. People are more willing to work with you than you probably think.

Most importantly, when you give your word to someone- try your very best to keep it. This is my personal motto. Even if it puts me in a bad spot or otherwise inconveniences me, I do my absolute best to stay true to my word. Your reputation is just as big a part of your professional career as it is your literary one. Strive to be a dependable person!

Case in point, as a last-minute decision, I decided to offer a Grand Prize for my Howloween Blog Hop post. Initially I offered a $10.00 Amazon gift card. The only problem was, I don't want to use my banking account for on-line stuff, so I decided to buy a physical gift card to mail to the winner (along with a business card, of course). When I went to buy a gift card, the only store close to me offered a minimum amount of $25.00. It was more money than I advertised and more money from my budget, but I'd given my word. So, I bought it and changed the post to a higher amount. Now I'll know to be more prepared!

So, in review- our lessons for today are-

1. Be prompt.
2. Schedule responsibly.
3. Be respectful of deadlines. Get a Weekly Planner and refer to it often!
4. Be prepared. Have your bio., blurb, buy links, etc. saved as documents so you can send them to interviewers in short notice if you have to.
5. Investigate local stores BEFORE offering prizes!

Happy Halloween, Ya'll!

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  1. Excellent advice!

    This time of year I get inundated with requests for my crocheted and knitted Christmas items, requests to join hops, and now my book promotion tour. Calgon take me away! Thank goodness for multi-colored pens. My calender looks like a skittles factory exploded on it, but a least I know what's going on.