Friday, October 5, 2012

Showing Your Ass

I think I've mentioned before how I despise adults who act like children. Now, I know we all have our little moments when we throw a fit and pound a bottle of Jack...or maybe not? Anyways, we all revert to our childhood Terrible-Three-Tantrums from time to time. I'm even guilty of it. But I try to keep my composure in public.

I stopped to get some gas at the local BP station on my way home this evening. I try to play nice with the staff so they'll know me and I won't have to pre-pay for my gas. I really miss the days of full-service pump stations- it doesn't seem like I really got to experience them to their full potential.

Anyways, as I was getting out of my vehicle, I noticed there was a new (or new to me) girl behind the register. No big deal. I mean, I don't like going in first but whatever. It beats standing out by the pumps like an idiot until the intercom booms to life above you (terrifying you) telling you to read the sign or Pre-pay pumps only!

On my way in, a girl who is probably around my age- maybe younger- storms out of the store bitching to high Heaven about having to pre-pay. I know it was an inconvenience for her...much like the effort to put on actual pants without holes and rips everywhere, apparently. And I still don't understand the rain boots. It wasn't even raining today for Goodness Sakes!

So, the girl stomps around and starts yelling across the parking lot at the attendant about how ridiculous it is because she had to pay first. Well, so did everyone else standing in line. We kind of rolled our eyes, but we didn't get snarky.

She stands out in the parking lot and has to relay her woes to everyone who was unfortunate enough to be acquainted with her at that moment. She even calls some people up on her cell phone while she's pumping her gas. I've undoubtedly had a bad day. You probably have cold legs because you're wearing almost no pants in October. And it didn't rain so you've had to answer awkward foot-wear questions all day...but couldn't you have just opted to drive a mile down the road and get some gas someplace else? I mean, if the attendant pissed you off so mightily, what's the point of sticking around and making the rest of us hear about it?

Something about that just really irritated me. Maybe it's because I've had some sticky personal issues going on that I can't control so I want to lash out and grip onto controllable situations- like thrashing a fellow gasoline consumer? Maybe I was secretly jealous of her angry outburst? Or maybe those rain boots really, really ticked me off? Either way, it bothered me. So, I figured I'd just pen this little blog post and get it out of my system. It's not good to keep things bottled up, ya know.

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