Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hump Day Hook

I'm pretty sure I was supposed to do this last week. But now I'm here and fully-involved! Sorry for the delay, folks.

This is from the first book in my Sex Chronicles, Training Dani series, currently under consideration with Secret Cravings Publishing. Enjoy!

Dani imagined the serpent in the Garden of Eden in her mind’s eye, even as she found the clip in Jessa’s hair and tugged it loose. She dropped the trinket and heard it skitter across the floor. Did she want to give herself over to Jessa so completely? She ruled most of her waking hours anyway, but how would Jessa’s offer change that? She knew Jessa had power to make lots of previously barred doors open up to her, but she wasn’t sure how she could give her Neil. Surely she didn’t own him as well?

Got your attention yet? I sure hope so! This is my favorite project so far and I hope to add it to my SCP published collection soon!

:.She reminds me of the regal, sexy, controlling Jessa Blaze. Also, her decorating style in her California Mansion. I borrowed this picture from my friend and fellow author Marina Kris.:

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  1. A really nice display of internal thoughts...great HDH x

  2. Thanks Kerrianne! And thank you for inviting me to join in!

  3. Definitely got my attention! Great inner monologue!

  4. Interesting inner dialogue. Good luck with your submission!

  5. Yes, it got my attention! Well done, Jessicca.

  6. A lot of inner conflict! Well done!!