Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Writer's Words of Wisdom: Getting Ideas?

I think this is an important topic for writers at any stage of their careers. I often have to answer the question Where do you get your ideas from? And when the person finds out that I also write erotica, their questions become a little more pressing and downright personal.

Yes, I write adult literature. No, I haven't experienced everything I write about. It's like people have a misconception about Erotica- or even romance- writers that we're somehow perverted for writing about what everyone does in real life (Although some of our characters may get a better quality or quantity than we get in our personal lives Haha). I don't know if everyone catches this guff. I mean, do horror writers get accused of being possessed or somehow demonic?

I'm with George Carlin on this one. He once quoted a fellow forward-thinking man who said that it's okay to show two people killing each other in the movies, but it's highly restricted, XXX films that get to show two people making love.

I'm not perverted, I'm not promiscuous, I just have an imagination. I also have a drive for writing and entertaining people. My stories just don't skirt around sex and its intricate part in relationships.Who knows? My stories could save a relationship or marriage? Maybe spawn some childrenses (feel free to name them after me, by the way).

You should be proud of any genre you write and/or enjoy. You shouldn't feel ashamed to tell people your preferences and to support its authors with reviews or word-of-mouth publicity.

I'd love some thoughts from my fellow romance authors on this one!

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  1. As a group romance writers get a bad rap, but if you write erotic romance and erotica you get it double. As you pointed out, nonwriters look at us as sex on wheels and some of our fellow romance writer community think of us as vulgar. Whatever! I write the scorching hot explicit material because I LOVE IT! It's fantasy brought to life on the pages before me. What's so wrong with that?

    Stand up and be proud! We are erotic romance writers!

  2. I get my ideas from everything around me, love to people watch and make up stories about them in my head. Both writing and reading are very personal things so I don't want to get in a debate over what I read, and particularly what I write, so I do avoid telling people in my everyday life. I write under a pen name and only a few people actually know me as both because I hate the truly intrusive questions. I'm too much of an introvert for that... someday I plan to retire to a remote lakeside home and live as a recluse. But first I must sell enough books to pay for it!?