Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Can I Get Some Fries With This?

   Nobody likes to eat crow.  First of all, it's gross. Second, let's be honest, Crows are pretty damn hard to catch.  Believe me, I've tried.  I'd like to think that admitting I'm wrong strengthens my character and makes me an all-around better person...but apologies kind of stick in my throat. And taking the high road gives me killer nosebleeds.

    I neglected to put Connor in preschool or daycare because, the way I figured it, he'll be in school a LONG time- and I wanted him to have some fun before he was legally forced to go.  I figured that preschool wasn't that helpful, expensive, and it was really a glorified babysitting service.  I'm w... I was wro... *Clears throat* Okay, I was mistaken!

    Connor's behavior and attention span has dramatically improved since he started Kindergarten three weeks ago.  He doesn't watch as much TV, he sits down and eats at the table, he writes his letters and numbers without me having to force and/or bribe him to do it.  The other night, he even came back and apologized for smart-mouthing me. He even promised to never, ever do that again because it was rude. (He totally reneged, but that's not the point here.)  I am AMAZED!  Why did I rail against this magical place?

    As for Tempe, I'm not sure if I'll take her to day care or not. I know, I just campaigned for pre-K schooling, but it's so hard to let them go.  So, we'll see.  Maybe two days a week wouldn't hurt.
:. Hold the phone, PETA.  It's (probably) fake..:

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