Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Road Work

If you've been following my posts, you're aware that I get a little road-ragey. I mean, I have places to go and places to be and I don't want anyone getting in my way or taking up more of my valuable time than I've alloted for my task.

Now that Connor is in school, and is an out-of-distract student, I drive twenty minutes each way to take him to school and get back home. This isn't a big deal...but the TWO flag points of road construction is. I mean, they put these two crews together so as soon as you're out of one cluster F, you find yourself in another one. 

Not to be mean, but untrained monkeys could do a better job at flagging traffic- and I'd end up with less sh*t on my windows. Okay, that was a little mean. Not sorry. First of all, you'd think they wouldn't start until after the school buses have went through just to keep them from being late. But NO. They must start at six every morning just to ruin my day! Okay, that's a little egotistical of me. Second of all, these crews really need to coordinate their efforts. While you're traveling through the flagged areas, machinery just whips out in front of you with chains and pipes swinging, workers walk backwards into your line of traffic...like I said, Cluster F. The only consolation is that, normally, you don't have to wait too long in traffic. They at least got that much right.

:.Guess What He's Shoveling?.:
I go through this mess four times a day. FOUR. Shew! And I can't keep from thinking that all the ruts these dozers and back hoes are making in the highway will only warrant the road pavers to come back and re-pave the road...thus holding up my morning and afternoons some more. Someone, please put me in charge of the highway department!

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