Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I love Zombies! And I love playing the Plants vs. Zombies game from Pop Cap Entertainment. Those little guys are just too cute. Anyways, I sent my letter to the zombie advice column and it got published!

Sure, the Zombie Googled my name and found where I work, but that's okay, lol. Creepy Stalker Zombie is cool, too.

Crazy happy!  Also, my erotic short, Bi-Curious is currently in the #4 spot on Secret Cravings Publishing's Bestseller's list! Also, it's still Connor Gremlin's birthday ;)

Dear A Zombie,
I think you’re so funny and cute- well, in a newly reanimated corpse sort of way. Do you have a girlfriend? If so, what sort of romantical things do you do for her? Where did you take her on your first date?
Zombie Fan

Dear Zombie Fan,
Zombie think mabey you hitting on Zombie. Zombie not sure how Zombie feel about that. Partly because Zombie not have time for relationship and also becuz how Zombie know you interested in Zombie for Zombie and not just doing research for some zombie romance novel? That Zombie’s gig so back off, sister. Also, Zombie Binged web site you say you work at hoping it maybe a cupcake blog but found out is something crazy different. If it could be, Zombie face would be very red.

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