Thursday, September 13, 2012

World, Where Have You Gone?

I was reading through some MSN headlines this morning and a story just kind of leapt out and grabbed my attention.  No, it wasn't the Middle East or 2012 election coverage.  Yes, it was *gasp* Jessica Simpson's baby! 

Normally, I couldn't care less about what goes on in the lives of 'stars'.  As long as they're doing their part and entertaining me, their personal choices are theirs.  Good Lord, people.  It's a baby wearing a knit bikini.  I mean, the color does nothing for her complexion and she has a weird-looking hairdo, but it's not obscene.  The baby's four months old!  If you think that's sexually alluring in any way...there's something seriously wrong with YOU. 

I see nothing wrong with little babies wearing two piece swim suits.  You can start calling Katie Couric and bitching when you see ME wearing one- that would be disturbing.  *Rolls eyes*

:.*Gasp* Tempe swims in her diaper!.:

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  1. The media does pick strange things to obsess about! I enjoyed your post, Jessicca, and your creative site.