Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Kingdom For A Cupcake!

Today is Connor's 5th birthday! I would be sentimental and reminisce on the 36 hours of labor ending in an emergency C-section it took to get the little feller here, but who has the time? Shew, I've run myself ragged for him today.

Okay, I know I shouldn't wait until the last minute to buy gifts, but he's like a Present Ninja. He can sniff a gift out from a mile away. So, I went and got his presents today and got them wrapped. They're wrapped poorly since that's not my forte, but I give myself a big ol' A for effort, anyway.

He said he wanted cupcakes brought to school for his birthday because another little boy's Mom brought him some cupcakes. I couldn't be outdone. I promised him cupcakes, faithfully! I had to have some cupcakes for his birthday! Lord have mercy, I went everywhere looking for some cupcakes. They had some Halloween and Fall-centric cupcakes, but no birthday ones already made up. Every other time I go out, I see cupcakes and cakes EVERYWHERE. Then when I need them...nothing.

I finally went to Food City, ready to buy whatever just so I wouldn't show up empty-handed. The girl behind the counter offered to personalize a cupcake for him. I still had some time before it was crunch time, so I figured I could wait around for her to bake me something if push came to shove.

She said she could have me a new, personalized cupcake cake in a few minutes! I was ready to marry her. I was crying, I was so happy! Although, while I was waiting she took the opportunity to lecture me on procrastinating on my cupcakes. I figured she had the upper-hand at that point, so I bit my tongue and took my lashings. Whatever kept me from buying supplies and rushing home to bake cupcakes from scratch. One way or the other, my baby will have cupcakes brought to school at 2 o'clock today.

I feel so much better now that crisis has been averted. I'd never live it down if I didn't bring him stuff to school after I promised him. Now, I'm just terrified that I'll drop it or have some sort of freak culinary disaster before then. *Fingers crossed*

He's been so happy today, though. He's told everyone at school that today is his birthday and they MUST tell him happy birthday. God love him. A little girl came up to him and gave him a big hug and then wouldn't let him go. Haha! I guess he'll learn to be careful what he asks for.

Now his gifts are wrapped and the cupcakes are stowed away safely until Go Time. Wish me luck!
:.Before the Children Attack It.:

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