Friday, August 3, 2012

Back From Hiatus!

I haven't been posting new blogs lately- I know for shame, Jessicca!  I've had a lot of stuff going in between writing, promoting, hacking myself into a coma... Being ambitious and being sick don't really jive.

Connor just came home from visiting Mom and Dad.  He's not really thrilled about starting school, and I'm not either.  I know he needs to go and learn, but I feel like I have to go back to school, too!  So not fair!  I spent sixteen grueling years in school and now I have to go through all of that again?  Ugh!

I'm more nervous than Connor because I know what to expect.  I worry he won't make friends, he'll back-talk the teacher, and be that kid that all of the parents whisper about- making me that mom who has to kick some other parents butt.

I hope he'll do fine and I hope he'll learn quickly.  I don't want to get pulled into the principals office every day.  Shew, I'm working myself into a panic attack all ready!  Breathe in...breathe out...

Connor had a lot of fun visiting my mom and dad.  He went to the aquarium and saw Mighty Mike.  He's a huge Gator- and he looks a little intimidating.  I wonder if I can rent him as a lawn ornament?

Connor bought his Sissy a little squeaky Gator toy, and it's driving Precious (our Jack Russel Mix) batty every time she makes it squeak.  I didn't know Percy hated noisy toys.  I need to buy more of them.    Maybe that will keep her from nesting in the closets.  ANyways, he also bought her a little pink Gator change purse.  It's so cute!  I bet badass, Mighty Mike loved the idea of little pink purses made in his image.

On the way home last night, Connor sat in the back to give Sissy her bottle and keep her company.  I was so proud of him for being a good big brother and helping me out so I wouldn't have to stop at night beside the road.  He's a good kid, and I have faith in him. 

Really, I can't complain too much.  I've been blessed with two wonderful, healthy, beautiful children, loving friends and family members, and a budding literary career.  Is it too much more to ask for my kids not to grow up so fast?

:.Look how happy!.:

:.Connor & Mighty Mike Have the Same Look on Their Faces.: creepy!.:

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