Tuesday, August 28, 2012

No, It's MY Birthday!

Today is my twenty-fifth birthday!  Twenty-four was my year for lots of drastic changes and renovations and general settling in.  Connor started school, my family packed up and moved away, I started writing again, Temperance was born and changed our whole family dynamic...again- lots of big quakes shaking up my little world.

I don't know what to expect from this year.  I mean, I'm half of fifty...so I guess I could start my mid-mid life crisis now.  I'm not as excited for this birthday, though.  Connor will be in school all day, my brother and parents won't be here, it's a weekday, the hubby's out of town, everyone else is at work.  Who will I nag with my constant singing of "Happy Birthday to ME!"? Maybe I can sing to the dog.  Precious isn't smart enough to run away.

Connor thinks my birthday is a major holiday (I agree, it should be) because we all make a big hoopla over his day.  He even wants to stay home from school so I can buy him presents-for my birthday-and let him open them. Maybe he'll paint me a pretty picture at school. 

:.Aww! My Young'uns!.:

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