Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dr. Tanning vs. Dr. Medicine?

It seems that Indoor Tanning Officials are now portraying doctors as vampiric, sun-hating villains. Those lab coat-toting know-it-alls are always warning about overexposure to panini grills...ahem... I mean tanning beds and something or other about skin cancer.  They act like they went to medical school or something!

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with looking healthy and 'glowy'.  But when you're pumpkin orange and your skin looks like something from the latest Loius Vuitton line of handbags, I think it's time to lay off.  These days we have spray tans and bronzers so you can get that brown look without drying your skin out. 

Laying in the sun for hours a day and scorching yourself in tanning beds make you look like a Bronzed Goddess in your teens and twenties...but have you seen these people when they're in their forties or fifties even?  My goodness! 

Indoor Tanning...Authorites (I guess is the proper term) are campaigning against Sunscreen-Pushing doctors.  Their platform seems to be "Vitamin D makes you feel better!  And we need it!  And the only way we can absorb it is by slathering ourselves in Hemp Oil and laying on ultra hot heating bulbs!" 

I say- I've been to pharmacies and even the medicine aisle at Wal-Marts even.  If you read the labels on those little vitamin bottles,eventually you'll get to one that reads Vitamin D right there on the label.  You can buy this labeled bottle and take it home with you so you can take the little pills inside with eight ounces of water....and absorb Vitamin D!!!

Surely they can come up with a better campaign than this?

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