Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Writing Tip # 2

Be flexible! OCD, ultra-anal time keepers need not apply (at least not to my seminars).  Writing takes time.  I don't care what sort of chapter or word count quota you set for yourself, be prepared for whatever.  Murphy's Law plays a major part in my writing schedule- anything can and does happen.

Some people can only write productively in strictly controlled atmospheres.  The sun must be shining just so, their ceramic Hippo collection has to be facing east, they need a glass of wine to concentrate...the list goes on and on.  Sorry, but some days it's not going to work out that way, Grasshopper.

I try to write two to four thousand words at a time, but I don't get to write every single day.  I probably could, but there's some days when a nap just sounds better.  What can I say? My creative juices take the day off, too.

Also, Connor and Tempe like banging their grubby little fingers on Mommy's keyboard so I have to write where they can't see me.  In those situations, it's best just to short-hand some notes on paper and save them for a more opportune time.

:.That's Not Uncomfortable At All, I Bet.:

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