Sunday, August 19, 2012

Innovation is easier than Invention!

I never realized how creatively challenged I am until I started trying to piece together this Werewolf story I'm working on.  Shew!  I mean, I want something different...that isn't overdone (like my poor Meatloaf). 

I hardly ever research...or outline...or brainstorm before I start working on a project.  Usually I just sit down and write.  Then, I leave the finished project alone for a few weeks and go back and re-read it with fresh eyes and rework things.  Now I have a notebook full of scribbles about werewolf lore...the first werewolf accounts and so on.  I think I'm making this WAY more complicated than it has to be.

 I am determined to come across with a new, more unique werewolf tale for my readers.  So, we'll see how the next few days go.  I'll probably just sit down and start writing with my somewhat historically-sound ideas in mind.

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